How to live with Financial Freedom?​

Investing Strategies & Tips to help you “join the dots” & take control of your life

‘REAL-WORLD’ financial education, tools and actionable steps to build ‘TRUE’ wealth and change your life for good!

Are these Money Issues keeping you up at night?​

Discover the MONEY Roadmap to change your future:


Cost of Living, High Expenses & Budgeting

Discover how you can still invest for your future, when facing difficult times with the right budgeting strategies and tips. Learn how to avoid poor spending, and instead… invest in the little things that will put you in the best position for the long term. Many little wins ultimately ‘compound’ into big victories!


Difficulties with Paying off Your Debt​s

Discover how you can re-finance your debts to time and money that could be better invested. Learn to manage debt and even make debt work for you, from improving your credit score to leveraging debt for investing. Advance your wealth on someone else’s time & money with little risk.


Not enough savings to fund your retirement

Discover how to consolidate your finances to start living life on your terms in 100 days, instead of waiting till retirement in your 60s. Learn how to invest for financial independence, with the freedom lifestyle that you desire as you quit your 9-to-5.
Achieving Financial Independence is a lifestyle choice, not hard labour.


Not making enough income from your 9-to-5

Discover how to build multiple sources of income, both active and passive to grow your wealth and never feel poor again. Learn how to build multiple profitable businesses as a digital nomad, and scale them to the next level. Start planting many seeds, water them and let them grow your forest of wealth.

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”
Warren Buffet

How to live a happier life with Financial Freedom​

3 Steps to transform your life from ZERO to HERO


Planning for Success

Start by working out what Financial Freedom means to you, and the steps to achieving it. You can define and control your own roadmap and make it happen!


Knowledge is Power

Learn what you don’t know, from all credible sources that you want to emulate and trust. Build the skills to master the plan & turn goals into reality!


Investing in your Future​

There’s more to investing if you think it’s just what you do with your money. True wealth is investing your time into things that will make you money in your sleep!

“You and I possess within ourselves at every moment of our lives, under all circumstances, the power to transform the quality of our lives.”

Werner Erhard

The Mission & Journey

Money & Cake is the creation of founder Julie Leconte (neé Choo) to pass-on all her knowledge about the Money Journey including what it really takes to build wealth, to the next generation.

The mission of Money & Cake’s financial education is to empower anyone who desires financial freedom in the next 10 years to realise their goal.

Julie’s personal experiences in work, in business, and in life, and especially her money transformation from childhood poverty at 9 after her father went bankrupt, are evidence that the goal of financial freedom can be achieved by anyone. At 19, after witnessing her parents struggle to make ends meet, with deteriorating health from working too hard in multiple jobs, Julie vowed to change the fortunes of her family. She devised a Money Transformation GamePlan to learn about money and build wealth over the next decade.

Despite numerous setbacks, Julie achieved financial independence at 38 allowing her to retire from her 9-to-5++ in banking and fintech as a wealth manager and investment banker. During her 15+ years of experience working with real clients, she gained substantial knowledge about how money really works for wealthy individuals and in business – strategies which she has applied to her own journey.

Since her early retirement, Julie has become an internationally acclaimed author, a tech-entrepreneur and a director at a private equity fund. She is a speaker at many international events and an advisor to many boards.

Money & Cake comprises all her lessons learned, steps taken… the whole truth, the sacrifices made, and battles won, on her money journey from Poverty to Financial Freedom. It’s what Julie hopes the next generation learn, practice and master when it comes to building and maintaining your wealth, as: “They don’t teach you this in school.”

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