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Money And Cake “M&C” is here to help you build financial intelligence…

When you learn Financial Intelligence to “join the dots” with money, this is when you can have your cake and eat it too.

There’s a lot of information about what to do with money out there in the world wide web, from your parents, family, friends, colleagues, the press, social media, your environment. Is this information overload full of different influences pulling you in 100s of directions? Lots of good information as well as some misleading or misguided information. ARE YOU CONFUSED or LOST?

How do you sought out what’s good versus what’s bad for you? This is the big question. The million dollar question, the thousand dollar question or the billion dollar question, depending on WHO YOU ARE, where you are on your money journey, and how you play the GAME OF MONEY.

This was the exact problem faced by Julie Choo (now Julie Leconte) when she was a young adult at 19, which led her to learn FINANCIAL EDUCATION and build Financial Intelligence. It wasn’t at all about getting rich, but a matter of survival, given Julie’s background growing up in relative poverty.

Julie achieved F.I.R.E. at 38, 7 years before her original financial goal set at 20 to retired at 45. HOW DID SHE DO THIS?

Julie Choo - Julie Leconte | Founder of MoneyAndCake.com


In this blog, you will will learn about Julie’s own money journey, as she shares her lessons learned, reflections, and also action plans on how she overcame her money problems, started to build wealth and ultimately achieved financial independence and freedom by her 40s.

This blog will guide you to different MONEY ROADMAPS that you can implement into your life. There’s a series of MONEY ROADMAPS on topics including Budgeting, Debt Management, Financial Security & Retirement or Financial Independence, and Building Wealth through Entrepreneurship, Business, and Investing.

“JOINING THE DOTS” with your money to bring it all together so you can apply it to your life… is how you build wealth, become financially secure and HAPPY with what you have, and where you are in life.


Why should you learn from Julie? Is she an Expert with Authority in the subject of money whom you can Trust to help you achieve a Transformation in Your Money or Your Life?

Julie commenced a career in banking as a data analyst when she was 23 and learned about money from the ground up, since this financial education wasn’t available at home. Her family was poor and they had to live on benefits after her father’s business went bankrupt when she was 8 years old.

Even at that young age, Julie started to learn about finances in order to help her parents manage their budget at home so there was enough food on the table. It was this experience of living in poverty that set her resolve to learn everything she could about money over the next 20 years and the journey continues till today.

After a 20 year career in finance and business (both wealth management and investment banking) covering all asset classes, including setting up a business of her own, Julie has more recently move into Private Equity and M&A where she is diving deeper into leverage and working with OPM (Other People’s Money). She lectures at the London Institute of Banking and Finance, as well as being the course author for their Digital Transformation in Banking program where her internationally acclaimed book THE STRATEGY JOURNEY is used as a textbook.

Julie is also the founder of a Edtech platform in Stratability that trains people in business and digital transformation for growth through value modeling (data modelling for value), as well as a new Joint Venture to build an AI backed Digital Transformation Agility Platform and Index.

How money works, flows, moves, grows and retracts… How does this apply to you and your personal finances and wealth? Many people try to learn about money from YouTube, Online Courses, through working with Financial Advisors, as well as a trial and error. BUT most fail to do the ONE THING that Julie has learned to master and which she will share in this blog.

All this experience, both work experience and life experience has taught Julie the ONE THING that is missing when it comes to money and building wealth to achieve happiness in your life. What is this ONE THING that most people miss or fail to do with their money?

HOW do you “JOIN THE DOTS” with money and into your life? How do you implement the different money strategies for budgeting, spending, saving and investing into your life and to enrich your lifestyle?
This is what it takes to achieve financial independence and to define what level of financial freedom is “enough” for you.


WHY is this blog called “MONEY AND CAKE”? Do you know what is a MONEYCAKE?

This blog is called MONEY & CAKE because of a real family and cultural tradition that the CHINESE follow to teach children about Money. Many childrens’ birthday parties in countries across ASIA like China and Singapore (where Julie was born) are celebrated with a MONEY CAKE as the birthday cake.

MONEYCAKES can come in many forms, and look like regular birthday cakes, except that there is a prize or surprize inside the cake, in the form of money. Parents would use this celebratory occasion to teach their children about the value of money and essentially offer a level of financial education for the child to learn and practice over time using the money they receive as their birthday gift.

Yes, the Chinese love to give out RED packets of money inside of tiny red envelopes that are decorated like wrapping paper with auspicious words and golden coins or images of dragons and lions.

Wealth and money is celebrated in many asian or eastern cultures, unlike the western culture, where there are many misconceptions or myths that money is bad, causing people to ignore financial education. Especially among the wealthy chinese, children learn how to set financial goals at a young age, and are encouraged to learn how to achieve these goals, using their monetary gifts during birthdays and Chinese New Year as seed funding.

While Julie’s parents were not good with money, she did receive “MONEYCAKE” teachings from her grandmother and granduncle. Her grandmother taught her how to count and do math in her head really fast, while her granduncle (whom Julie viewed as her own MONEY CONFUCIUS) introduced her to investing, and the power of leverage and inflation for supporting business and asset growth.

MONEYANDCAKE.COM is like an online MONEYCAKE where you can learn many lessons about money to help you build wealth, and lead a prosperous life. All of this knowledge and experience is what we want to pass down or across to the next generation and anyone else who wants to learn this stuff so they can transform their life.

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